about us

About Electronic BioSciences

Our work combines expertise in biologically based platforms with exceptionally low noise electronics in order to produce sensitive systems for nanopore and ion channel measurements with potential applications in DNA sequencing, ion channel characterization, and chemical sensing. The company’s headquarters is a combined office and laboratory facility in the Sorrento Valley area of San Diego with multiple laboratories for protein expression, ion channel conductance measurement, electronics development, and glass nanopore membrane (GNM) fabrication. EBS has a satellite laboratory in the University of Utah’s Research Park in Salt Lake City.

Our People

The EBS staff has a deep technical background with over one third holding PhDs in a range of fields including analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, physics, and biophysics. In addition, our expertise in electrical and mechanical engineering rounds out our capability to perform both state-of-the-art research and new technology development. The multi-disciplinary environment at EBS encourages the kind of creative thinking that leads to the development of innovative products.