The Nanopatch™ Advantage

The Nanopatch™ Advantage

Performance of the Nanopatch™ versus a standard PLB system during cardiac Ryanodine receptor channel (RyR2) recordings. Open channels can be easily observed at 10 kHz on the Nanopatch™ system. At the same bandwidth, the standard PLB system is not able to resolve any activity. Filtering down to 1 kHz on the standard system reveals some activity, but the filtering strongly affects the shape of the channel openings. (All the recordings were obtained at room temperature, with Cs+ as the current carrier. The amplitude of the events obtained from the Nanopatch™ and standard systems vary due to an increased bias used).

EBS’ Nanopatch™ system provides a number of significant advantages over traditional PLB systems:

  •   Low noise and high bandwidth at a low cost
  •   A semi-automated method for fast and reproducible bilayer formation
  •   Robust bilayers with high voltage and pressure tolerance
  •   Unique pressure control (useful for studying mechanosensitive channels)
  •   Rapid temperature control (useful for studying temperature gated channels)
  •   Integrated amplifier and data acquisition system
  •   True desktop footprint that does not require vibration isolation tables or Faraday cages

With reusable QNMs, bundled temperature and pressure controls, and an integrated amplifier, the Nanopatch™ provides the greatest ease of use and the highest performance available at a very low price.

We are actively seeking early access customers to collaborate with us on investigating a wide variety of ion channels using the Nanopatch™ system. For more information, please contact us.

You can also download a product brochure here.